About Us

I'm a mother with a full-time job.

       Most days I feel like a full-time worker who doesn't have enough time to be a mom. Crafting has always been a cherished family past time, but as we all know, life will always be there to get in the way. A new school year starting, after school activities, demanding clients at work and among other things, our much needed family time would get pushed to the back burner. The idea of driving after a long day to the local crafting store with the burden of hunting down all the supplies seemed so stressful and expensive. Scrubbing the toilets at home started to sound like an easier task.

        That's the moment in which Tinytivity was born.   I knew there must be other parents in the world who felt the same way. Made by yours truly and tested by my lovely daughter, we have created fun new projects you can make together without having the stress of a the additional preparations added.   Now all of that extra time you have saved can be spent the way it's meant to.   Thank you for taking the time to visit us, we know how precious it can be.

Happy crafting.

Bryanna M.   -President of Tinytivity INC.


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